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Thank you for your interest in SSI Corporation.
SSI corporation is a leading global provider of silicon filament and bridge seed production.
We deliver the technical solutions for seed products that help you optimize your polysilicon CVD operations.
If you have a question or would like more information, feel free to contact us.

We are professional manufacturing company for high quality silicon Slim rod.
SSI holds the core technology to ensure high quality and cost savings about the producing of Filament.

SSI has a complete system designed to close gaps and tightly manage silicon filament and bridge seed production, while increasing throughput rate.Easily configured, the Filament Production System supports leading polysilicon chemical vapor deposition(CVD) reactor technologies.

Our Filament Production System Features and Benefits:
•Designed to provide very low kerf loss and high efficiency for production of filament.
•Designed to provide filaments and bridges in quantities to meet any size polysilicon plant.
•Configurable to produce any type filament and bridge.

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We'll Make Sure requirement Works For You

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Filament and bridge seeds are produced with a square cross-sectional shape.
Seed rods can be CZ mono-crystal or as-grown polysilicon with a maximum size of Ø165 mm x 2800mm (diameter x length). Square-shaped filaments are precisely cut from highly pure silicon source rods and can be processed into a any range of size.( 7 x 7 mm, 8 x 8 mm & etc.)

We can ensure more than 30% yield per unit ingot than other competing companies.
We can do extra process perfectly like as a cropping, taper grinding and hole grinding also.
And process tolerances for critical mating surfaces are available upon request.


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